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Baldock Web Design Company – Current Web Design Trends

Baldock Web Design CompanyBaldock web design company you choose should certainly be up to date with all of the latest trends. The Internet is a platform that is ever changing, and if you do not adapt you will only get left behind. This is why it is vital to work with a company like Aderain Baldock that stays in the know. With that being said, continue reading to discover more about some of the hottest trends in Baldock web design at present.

  • Website slides – Firstly, we have website slides. When we refer to this trend, we mean an entire screen that is made of various slides, not a smaller slideshow. With each slide comes new content and it can work on a timer or via the use of a scroll or a click.
  • 1980s vibe – We are rolling back the clock to the 1980s with web design Baldock wide, as more and more websites embrace bright colour and big, bold designs. Colour palettes are louder and larger than they have been in a long time and they have a nod to the 80s about them.
  • Sketches and illustrations – If you are looking for a way to bring some fun to a website, this is a good option to consider. Illustrations and sketches aren’t for children anymore; they can be used for various interface elements, including icons. They also help to make a website feel a bit more personal.
  • Scrolling – Last but not least, we have scrolling. Roll back the clock a few years ago and we were all attempting to minimise scrolling as much as possible. However, with the rise of mobile Internet and the use of smaller devices, scrolling has become of paramount importance for any Baldock web design company. Just think about how time consuming it is to open several pages on your smartphone!