New Websites Designed


The past few weeks have been quite busy at Aderain Services, with two brand new websites designed, one for a new client, and the other for a long time existing client.  It is always great to know that some customers appreciate what you do for them so much, they continue working with you over the years.

I completed work on a new WordPress website for Straight 6 at the end of July.  Straight 6 came to me with the need for a website to help market their new Telford based printing company, something which would be fresh and modern, as well as easy for them to use and update, as well as being easy to use on mobile devices.  They had very clear ideas for colour schemes, and content, which made working with them really great, and communication very easy too.

Straight 6 CMS Web Design Excel Performing Arts WordPress Design

Excel Performing Arts are one of my longest running clients.  I originally designed their first website back in 2010, and now six and a half years later, their new WordPress website is up and running with a whole new look, a complete overhaul of the design, a much more modern approach which will last them for the years to come, and a design which works on all screen sizes from large computer monitors, down to mobile phones.  It is always a pleasure working with a customer who is well prepared.  The content and images for all of the pages of the website were sent to me within a week, and so we had a very fast turnaround for the completion of the website, from design to completion in just two weeks.

You can see more photos of these two websites on my Design Portfolio page.