Skills Portfolio

Office Management

  •  Paperwork & record keeping
  •  Document processing
  •  Logistics and courier services
  •  Ordering stationery and supplies
  •  Letter writing and proofreading/editing
  •  Email drafting, sending and replying
  •  Report processing
  •  Filing system creation
  •  Policy creation

Accounts Processing

  •  Processing/creating of invoices for both Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  •  Liaising with customers and clients by email or phone
  •  Spreadsheet creation including pivot tabels and V-lookups
  •  Figure analysis as required
  •  Payment processing
  •  Statement reconciliation 

The finance systems I am most familiar with:

  •  Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision)
  •  Sage
  •  QuickBooks Online
  •  Oracle


  •  French to English non-technical translation
  •  French to English technical translation
  •  American to English non-technical translation
  •  American to English technical translation

Data Processing

  •  Data input – Input of information as required into selected databases and spreadsheets
  •  Data validation – Ensuring all data input is clean, correct and useful
  •  Data sorting – Arranging data into required order
  •  Data summary – Reducing data detail to only the pertinent points
  •  Data aggregation – Combining and collating multiple pieces of data
  •  Data analysis – Collection, organisation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data
  •  Data classification – Separate data into various categories
  •  Accuracy and speed


  •  Brochure Websites – Stand-alone website that rarely needs updating
  •  Content Management System (CMS) Website – A website with a back-end editor
  •  E-Commerce Website – Your own online shop
  •  CMS & E-Commerce Website – All the practicality of a CMS site with access to e-commerce     
  •  Blog Website Template – Template specific design for blogs using Blogger or WordPress software
  •  CMS Template – A bespoke template design to replace a current one for the CMS systems:
       ○  WordPress
       ○  Joomla
       ○  Blogger
       ○  Tumblr

Graphic Design

  •  Company branding
  •  Logo design and creation
  •  Email marketing
  •  Direct marketing
  •  Flyer/leaflet design
  •  Business card design
  •  Stationery design
  •  Exhibition design
  •  T-Shirt design
  •  Digital imagery
  •  Magazine advert design
  •  Magazine, brochure and catalogue layouts
  •  Photo retouching and photoshopping
  •  Caricature and mascot design

Social Media Services

  •  Facebook page setup
  •  Twitter feed setup
  •  Cover and profile images for Facebook and Twitter, as well as custom backgrounds for Twitter
  •  Facebook page management including regular relevant posting
  •  Linking social media and websites as required
  •  Adding a bolt-on e-commerce platform to a Facebook company page and if required populating it
  •  Consultation on best social networking sites for your sector
  •  Consultation on setting up a social media plan of action
  •  Advice on how to manage your social media presence, and how to interact with followers

Website Maintenance

  •  Website populating – Uploading photos, and files to the correct place in a website
  •  Updating service – Updating blogs, news pages or any page that requires updating
  •  Maintenance – Liaising with the hosting company and fixing basic coding errors
  •  Adding pages – I can add pages to basic brochure sites created using HTML and also using any of the following Content Management Systems (CMS): 
       ○  Joomla
       ○  WordPress
       ○  bShop
  •  Bolt-on simple e-commerce options – If you require a simple shop add-on for your website, I can setup and populate the shop and also have it run on your company Facebook page if you have one