Data Processing

All companies at some point need swift and accurate data input of information into spreadsheets and databases.  Having worked in both administration and finance roles I have a swift and accurate typing speed for all types of input work.

Services I offer

  •  Data input – Input of information as required into selected databases and spreadsheets
  •  Data validation – Ensuring all data input is clean, correct and useful
  •  Data sorting – Arranging data into required order
  •  Data summary – Reducing data detail to only the pertinent points
  •  Data aggregation – Combining and collating multiple pieces of data
  •  Data analysis – Collection, organisation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data
  •  Data classification – Separate data into various categories
  •  Accuracy and speed

If the service you require isn’t listed above, please contact me and ask if I can help.

Data Validation

What is the use of data which has been input if it isn’t clean, correct and useful?  I can check and validate that all of the data is correct and to your specifications.

Data Analysis

All data either supplied or input can be organised and presented in a number of ways to suit your needs, giving a clear interpretation for anyone to see.

Data Sorting

If your data has been input in such a way as to be disorganised, it becomes much harder to read.  I can sort and order all data to bring clarity.