Office Management

With over 18 years experience in office management and administration, I offer a large selection of services and solutions in this sector.

  •  Daily activities including paperwork and record keeping
  •  Document processing
  •  Logistics and courier services
  •  Ordering stationery and supplies
  •  Letter writing and proofreading/editing
  •  Email drafting, sending and replying
  •  Report processing
  •  Filing system creation
  •  Organisation and creation of policies

If what you require is not on the list above, please contact me and ask if I can help.

Letter Writing

The art of letter writing is all important to convey the correct message for all situations. Whether to be firm or professional, friendly or relaxed. The correct wording and phrasing is what matters, and of course when to use sincerely rather than faithfully.

Policy Creation

Each company policy needs to be worded correctly and exactly, yet be understandable for all that read it.  It must cover every relevant action, and possible outcome making sure that all parties involved are covered for all possible eventualities.


Making sure that all documents have correct grammar and spelling helps to create a much more professional image for the company. Knowing when to use ‘there’, ‘their’ or ‘they’re’, or ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ can make a huge difference to how any document looks.