Website Maintenance

As well as designing bespoke websites  I also offer other website services as listed below:

  •  Website populating – Uploading photos, and files to the correct place in a website
  •  Updating service – Updating blogs, news pages or any page that requires updating
  •  Maintenance – Liaising with the hosting company and fixing basic coding errors
  •  Adding pages – I can add pages to basic brochure sites created using HTML and also using any of the following Content Management Systems (CMS): 
       ○  Joomla
       ○  WordPress
       ○  bShop
  •  Bolt-on simple e-commerce options – If you require a simple shop add-on for your website, I can setup and populate the shop and also have it run on your company Facebook page if you have one.  If you don’t have your social media setup, please see my Social Media Services page.

If the service you require isn’t listed above, please contact me to see if I can help.

Website Populating

Often websites need a large amount of files to be uploaded and linked to, especially busy e-commerce sites.  This can be time consuming, and is a service I offer.

Updating Service

Websites will need updating with relevant content, or with new photos or files. Rather than spending hours working on it, I can instead, freeing up your time.

Website Maintenance

When something goes wrong, a maintenance agreement with me means that I can look after your site, liaise with hosting services and fix problems.