The Design Process


The process to make every design meet the client’s requirements needs to be thorough and exact for the best results.  Mine like most professionals will follow something similar to this eight-step process.

  1. Meet: A meeting can occur in person, at your office, at a café or somewhere mutually agreed, over the internet via email, chat or skype, or over the phone. The point is to actually discuss your needs, and what you want the design to be and do.
  2. Research: If I haven’t worked in your industry before, chances are I will need to research more about it, how it is often represented, what works, and what doesn’t, to give you the best and most informed approach.
  3. Sketch: The best way to give ideas, is for me to send over rough drafts and sketches.  It saves us both time and gives a better chance to get the best design.
  4. Concepts: The sketches, the research and the meeting will have given enough ideas to get some more complete designs down on paper. Full concepts which could all be amended and changed.
  5. Present: All of the approved concepts would then need to be presented to you and any of your team who would be involved in your design process.
  6. Revise: The presentation would have given you the chance to advise any revisions or changes required, and which concept to work from.
  7. Deliver: The final design will be delivered in all of the file formats required to use and print it, whether it be a logo or a full brochure design.
  8. Launch: The work has been done, the design finalised and delivered.  Now all that is required is to show it to the world.