Using Contact Details on Your Website


Contact DetailsIn my daily work I come across a lot of websites, and one trend that is confusing me more and more, is the amount of obviously home made websites that don’t include any contact details.  Of all the things to exclude from your website this seems like the worst, but many companies don’t seem to think about it.

With more and more people resorting to using systems like the fantastic WordPress and Joomla content management systems to build themselves websites, and with other less than fantastic systems like Wix, Weebly and Webs which tend to offer very poorly designed ‘drag and drop’ website templates, companies and individuals have a much wider choice to design their own websites than they used to.  But by not using an actual web designer they risk their website not only not being compliant with UK (or their own country) law, but also missing out valuable information on their website, as in this case, contact details.

Imagine having a wonderful website, using one of the modern WordPress templates, which is fully responsive to work on all screen sizes from computer monitors, down to mobile phones, giving out all of the services your company offers, lots of beautiful pictures, filled with boundless information, selling everything you have to the general public in perfect webpages, but then not allowing any potential customers to call, email or even write to you.

As wonderful an idea as it often seems to create your own website, and manage the build and running of it yourself, a reliable and reputable web-designer will always include all of the information required for your website, keep it legally compliant with all the correct documentation and policies, and make sure that all potential customers can find and contact you.