A Web-Designer’s Worst Nightmare



A client will contact a web-designer, and ask them to design a website for them.  That’s fine.  They will also have final say on how it looks, content and colour etc. which is also fine.  There would be no point in having a website that didn’t fit the client’s needs, branding and design specification.

Sometimes though the client doesn’t let the designer do the work they are being paid for, and instead creates the entire design themselves, against all current trends, and having used something like MS Word, or some freeware WYSIWYG website editor to create the design.  It would be impossible to work with if left as such, leaving the web-designer to either recreate it as is (but never wanting to link to it on their portfolio), or to talk the client into something else.

One of our jobs as web-designers is to push our clients to have the best image they possibly can for their online presence, to look professional and modern, but there are times when this is impossible, and during those times it is helpful to remember that although the client has final say, there’s always another client around the corner looking for something fresh and new!